The Adventure We Call 'Youth'

by Best Friends

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released 04 May 2014

Dean played guitar and did vocals.
Connor played drums and did vocals.

Artwork by Tom Holden.
Mastered by Mike Moschetto at The Office Recording.
Recorded & Mixed by Dean Strike at Strike Studios in Gladstone, February 2014.



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Track Name: Tremble
She said "I'm just sad."
I didn't know how to reply;
it's been said countless times,
but I still cant figure it out.

Nearly three years now,
there are no more words,
just sinking now;
I still don't know what to feel.

What should I say?
What can I say?
Our beautiful family,
stripped of its sanctity.

And it's still hard to imagine a day when everything will be fine.
When I'm not afraid to answer your calls;
when I'm not afraid of it all.

And I'll spend the rest of my life nursing a broken heart.
And I'm still afraid I'm not strong enough,
and I'm still afraid of it all.
Track Name: Next of Kin
Those ties still held; time-tested love.
Warmth woven by those guiding wings,
proud moments kept, that shared sleeve holds two hearts.
Sacrifices made, the thankyous I owe.

Though that bond has aged, still that love holds true.
Taking after those shadows cast,
dearly held, the name passed on.
One day withered and done, until then your son.
Track Name: Black & White
Bonds broken and misshapen, torn from the ties of love that were once held.
Bad blood spilled on the hand that feeds, never to be cleaned.
A name still shared, once cherished, no more.
Tarnishing what was once recognisable, no more.

A reflection cast, sure to shatter; resembling none.
A resounding white flash, not witnessed but heard.
A hand given to cut another.
The bond lost to a new name.
Track Name: St. Peter's Medical Centre
The memories we've shared, the times that you all cared.
The fights, the feuds, the adventure we call 'youth'.

We're tied by time and circumstance;
friendships we've made, crafted by chance.

So this is for the nights we spent playing video games,
the days we went for drives and danced in the rain.
The inside jokes we share almost everyday,
the 'you and I's' and helping ourselves learn to change.

The memories we've shared, the times that you all cared.
The fights, the feuds, the adventure we call 'youth'.